Miss Scandinavia 2018!

Miss Finland Kourtney Tischer from Knappa was crowned Miss Scandinavia 2018 at the Queen’s Coronation on June 15, 2018. She was sponsored by the Finnish Brotherhood and proudly wore the same Finnish costume her mother wore in 1994 when she was Senior Miss Finland. Kourtney’s ancestors came from the Swedish part of Finland and some also lived in Norway and Denmark. She’s very appreciative that the Scandinavian Festival keeps Scandinavian culture and traditions alive in the local area.

Runner-up is Miss Sweden Madalyn Hellberg from Camas, Washington. Her grandparents are Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian. Madalyn attended her first festival as a baby and was Junior Miss Sweden in 2008. She was glad to participate in the court again this year to increase her knowledge of her Swedish heritage, gain public speaking experience, and make new friendships. As runner-up, Miss Hellberg will serve as the Lucia Bride for the Lucia Fest the day after Thanksgiving on November 23, 2018.