Thousands of Scandinavians came to the Astoria area in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s seeking work in the fishing and logging industries and in the canneries. The State of Oregon was home to only about 47 Scandinavians in 1870 but by the turn of the century they were coming to the Pacific Northwest in droves. Many came to the North Coast of Oregon after 1870 when the railroad from San Francisco to Astoria was completed. Most of the immigrants that settled in Astoria were loggers, fishermen, farmers, and small business owners. In 1900, the largest number of foreign born Astorians were from Finland, then Sweden, Norway, Germany, England, and Denmark. By the 1910 census there were 9599 inhabitants in Astoria and 35% of the population identified as Scandinavians. By 1910 the Norwegians had surpassed the Swedes as the second largest Scandinavian immigrant group in Astoria.


Most of the early Finnish immigrants lived in a neighborhood called Uniontown. They began a Finnish-language socialist newspaper called Toveri in 1907. Circulation peaked at 4,000 in 1916. The Norwegians settled in a neighborhood called Uppertown. Many locals credit John Warren, the coach of the Astoria High School basketball team that won the state basketball title in 1928, as the unifying force that brought the diverse Scandinavian ethnicities and neighborhoods in the community together.

Astoria has gone through several transformations since its founding in 1811. From its start as a trading outpost to a booming fishing and logging industrial area to its present day tourist industry, the region has ridden the waves of history. The Oregon North Coast continues to be a rich and culturally diverse area that attracts many new residents and  thousands of visitors each year. Modern Astoria is still home to many descendants of early Scandinavian immigrants and several organizations still exist that evolved from the early Scandinavian societies. These organizations and their founding dates include:

          United Finnish Kaleva Brothers & Sisters, Astoria Lodge #2 - 1886
          Scandinavian Benevolent Society - 1887
          Sons of Norway Nidaros Lodge No. 16 - 1910
          Daughters of Norway Stjernen Lodge - 1910
          Astor Lodge 215 VASA (Swedish) Order of America - 1912
          Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Association - 1968
          Lower Columbia Danish Society - 1975
          Astoria Scandinavian Heritage Association – 2011


The non-profit Astoria Scandinavian Heritage Association formed in 2011 and its mission is to preserve traditional Scandinavian culture and heritage through educational opportunities in areas of customs, language, food and the arts and to educate the citizens of Clatsop County and surrounding areas about the culture and heritage of the Scandinavian countries.  ASHA’s primary activity has been to support the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival but it is now also the leading group to build Nordic Heritage Park. Fund raising for the park has begun and ASHA can currently receive check donations only at P.O. Box 34, Astoria OR 97103. ASHA is a 501c3 registered organization and donors will receive a tax receipt. Donors should write "Park" on the memo line and include a note about why they are donating, i.e. “to celebrate my heritage," "In honor of ...," "In memory of....," etc.

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HERITAGE CLUB - $5,000 – $10,000
City of Astoria Arts & Cultural Program
Tony and Shelly Larson

ROYAL CLUB - $2,500 - $4,999
Warrenton Fiber / Nygaard Logging

SCANDIA CLUB - $1,000 - $2,499
Bruce & Kristina Berney
Clatsop Cultural Coalition / Oregon Cultural Trust
Columbia Memorial Hospital
Janet & Lloyd Bowler
Lum’s Auto Center

VIKING CLUB - $500 - $999
Dan & Susan Bartlett
Suzie Conner / Leland Vessel
Finnish Brotherhood, Astoria Lodge #2
Blair Henningsgaard, Atty.
Dave & Lorine Hoyer
Lektro, Inc.
Sons of Norway, Nidaros Lodge #16
Providence Seaside Hospital

NORDIC CLUB - $250 - $499
Columbia State Bank
Englund Marine
Lewis & Clark Bank
Gerry Swenson

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