About the Entertainment

Please Note: The following Events schedules have already passed. The next Festival will be held on June 21, 22, and 23, 2024. We will update next year's schedule later in the year. We hope to see you next year!

The 2023 Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival will be the 56th festival celebrating the summer solstice and all things Scandinavian on Oregon’s North Coast. The Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival is a three-day festival held the third weekend in June at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds east of Astoria. The festival opens Friday afternoon with vendors, food and live entertainment. Friday’s major evening events include Queen's Coronation, a Bonfire with Hex burning, and a public dance. On Saturday there is a Midnight Sun Breakfast and continuous opportunities all day long for attendees to visit vendors, buy authentic Nordic food specialties from the lodges, and dance and listen to live entertainment from the Nordic lands and the Pacific Northwest. Other major events on Saturday include a costumed walking parade through the fairgrounds, flag raising, raising and dancing around the Midsummer Pole, and a Beer Garden. The Viking Encampment is open to the public with almost hourly demonstrations. All ages are invited to participate in a Kubb (a Nordic lawn game) tournament, and children’s games take place in the Barnefest Area. At 5pm, there is a narrated parade of Nordic folk dress and Scandinavian sweaters. Saturday evening concludes with a special performance by THE COATS, the Pacific Northwest’s premiere a cappella vocal ensemble blending music and interactive comedy in an event sure to entertain. Special tickets are required for this concert. Sunday’s activities include a Pannukakku (Finnish pancake) Breakfast, a non-denominational church service, more shopping, food and live entertainment. The event concludes in the afternoon with the raffle drawing and closing ceremonies with flags.

All Scandinavian Midsummer Festival events are open to the public. Admission is family friendly. Multi-generational families attend with youngsters being especially keen to return for the fun, food and family time, and seniors being glad to share their family traditions and history with the upcoming generations. Survey results show that half of attendees are returnees and the other half are newcomers eager to learn about a new culture.


Friday, June 16
3:15pm - 4pm - Arena Stage

Saturday, June 17
9:30am - 10:15am - Arena Stage
11am - 11:45am - Arena Stage
1pm - 1:45pm - Arena Stage

Sunday, June 18
10:30am - 11:15am - Arena Stage


Featured Entertainers from Finland
Ancient Instruments and Angelic Voices

Kardemimmit is an all-female band from Finland whose members sing and play kantele, the Finnish lap harp. The group has been together for twenty years and recently released their sixth album. Kardemimmit will take listeners on a journey into the Finnish Midsummer’s magical night where the sun never sets. The air fills with the ancient mystery of time standing still and nature is heartbreakingly beautiful at the peak of its bloom.

The thirtysomething members of Kardemimmit compose, arrange, write lyrics, and produce most of their own artistic material. The themes of the music are soul sisterhood in its lows and highs, womanhood and girlhood, ethnic rituals, solidarity and equality, growing up together and separate, as well as love, heartbreak and jealousy. All members of Kardemimmit have higher education in folk music and a firm knowledge of traditional music that creates a strong undertow to their offerings.

Kardemimmit will perform five times at the 2023 Astoria Midsummer Festival. Kardemimmit’s performances are included with general admission. The festival will be held June 16, 17, and 18, 2023, at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds.

Preview Kardemimmit on YouTube.  Click Here


Friday, June 16
5:45pm - 6:30pm - Arena Stage

Saturday, June 17
9am - 9:45am - Arena Stage
12pm - 12:45pm - Arena Stage
4pm - 4:45pm - Arena Stage

Sunday, June 18
9:30am - 10:15am - Arena Stage
11:30am - 12:15pm - Arena Stage


Featured Entertainers from Denmark
Kristian Bugge and Sonnich Lydom

Gangspil from Denmark appeared at the Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in 2016 and returns again in 2023. Gangspil consists of Kristian Bugge on fiddle and Sonnich Lydom on accordion and promises an entertaining and varied journey through traditional Danish folk music. They play lively dance tunes and songs from every corner of Scandinavia as well as a few of their own composition. Listen for wild polkas and gigs, lyrical waltzes, fiery reels, plus the exotic Sonderhoning dance tunes from the famous island of Fano. You’ll also hear humor and stories from their many years on the road together. Both musicians have received Danish folk music “Grammys.”


Saturday, June 17
7:30pm (Doors: 7:00pm)

First five rows: $40
Rows F-P: $30
General Admission: $20

The Coats

The Pacific Northwest's Premier A Cappella Vocal & Comedy Group

Nationally touring artists, The Coats are the Pacific Northwest's premiere a cappella vocal group consisting of four male voices. They have performed for benefits, non-profits, corporate clients, schools, colleges, fairs, and community centers across the country.

Their intensely arranged yet hilarious, interactive performance blends music and comedy so seemlessly that there is no event, stage, or function of any size that they won't be left stunned and wondering, "how did all of that come out of only four guys?!"

The Coats have previously performed at the Liberty Theater in Astoria and are pleased to make their first appearance at the 2023 Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, especially since they all share Scandinavian heritage. This vocal group located in Puyallup, Washington, includes Doug, Keith, Jamie, and Kerry who are all 50% Norwegian.

The Coats will perform at 7:30 on Saturday, June 17. Doors open at 7 PM.  A separate ticket is required for this event. Advance tickets are on sale at the Liberty Theater Box Office.

Click here to purchase tickets online.


Saturday, June 17
2pm - 4pm - Exhibit Hall Stage

Coreen Bergholm's Nordic Accordion Band

Coreen Bergholm will lead the Astoria Nordic Accordion Band for their first ever performance from 2-4 PM on Saturday, June 17, 2023, in the Exhibit Hall. This group of 15 accordion players, 1 trumpet, 1 violin, and 1 euphonium will play the favorite accordion band tunes that Sven and Jorgen used to play as well as some new ones and several Stan Boreson and novelty tunes with Jeff Nelson on vocals. There’s only one performance so you don’t want to miss it.

Saturday, June 10
11am - Astoria Nordic Heritage Park

Friday, June 16
7pm - Queen's Coronation, Arena Stage

Saturday, June 17
10am - 10:45am - Arena Stage
2pm - 2:45pm - Arena Stage
4:15pm - 5pm - Exhibit Hall Stage

Sunday, June 18
12:30pm - 1pm - Arena Stage

Viking Nordic Scandia Folk Dancers

from Astoria, Oregon

The Viking Nordic Scandia Dancers will perform on all three days of the Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival at the fairgrounds as well as on Saturday, June 10, at the Nordic Heritage Park, immediately following the flag raising after the stationary Optog. This dance group includes dancers from second grade to adults. The NORDIC DANCERS are the youngest group and several members are performing at their first midsummer festival. Experienced teen-age dancers make up the VIKING DANCERS who are frequently joined by the adults from the SCANDIA DANCERS. The NORDIC VIKING SCANDIA DANCERS are led by Kevin and Bernadeth Ladd.


Saturday, June 17
1pm - 1:30pm - Beer Garden
2pm - 2:30pm - Beer Garden
3pm - 3:30pm - Beer Garden
4pm - 4:30pm - Beer Garden

Shanghaied in Astoria

Olio Acts in the Beer Garden

Now in its 38th season, SHANGHAIED IN ASTORIA, is part-vaudeville, part-soap opera, and part 1950’s style Hollywood musical, all combined into a fun and entertaining look at traditional local cultural folklore, including immigrant cannery workers from Scandinavia.  What originated as a celebration of Astoria tradition has become a tradition itself and you don’t want to miss it! Catch Shanghaied cast members performing their olio acts on the hour from 1-4 PM in the beer garden at festival on Saturday, June 17.


Friday, June 16
4:30pm - 5:15pm - Arena Stage

Brownsmead Flats

The Brownsmead Flats play acoustic music that may be best described as “Crabgrass” which they liken to a folk/bluegrass style with a maritime flavor. The band has a strong focus on vocal harmonies and many of their songs are composed by members of the group and reflect on living in the Pacific Northwest. Dan Sutherland is featured on the hammered dulcimer, fiddle, and mandolin. Ray Raihala picks the banjo, guitar and mandolin. Ned Heavenrich plays harmonica and guitar. John Fenton keeps the band together rhythmically with the bass, and Larry Moore rounds out the group with his expertise on mandolin and occasional flashes of fancy foot work.

The Brownsmead Flats create a festive atmosphere where audiences are encouraged to participate by singing along, doing hand motions, and participating in dances taught by the band. The versatility of the group allows them to generate music for audiences of all ages. Their tight harmonies and enjoyment of making music together translate into an event guaranteed to fill audiences with song and mirth.


Friday, June 16
8pm - 11pm - Exhibit Hall Stage

Scandinavian Country

Queen's Ball Dance

Returning for the Queen’s Ball on Friday evening after the Coronation will be local favorite Coreen Bergholm and her band, Scandinavian Country.  Coreen learned to play accordion in an immigrant community in North Dakota and has spent many winters performing around Yuma, Arizona, where she met Ken, the trombone player. This is the band that plays the local favorite dances like the Varsouvienne, the Butterfly and the Irish Waltz as well as polkas, schottisches, waltzes, and hambos. They even play the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey! Other musicians include former Astorian Donna Mansfield, guitar specialist John Orr, and drummer David Graves.


Friday, June 16
2pm - 6pm - Horse Arena by Midsummer Pole

Saturday, June 17
2am - 4pm - Horse Arena by Midsummer Pole

Sunday, June 18
9am - 2pm - Horse Arena by Midsummer Pole

Icelandic Horses

Jackie and Larry Taylor

Jackie and Larry Taylor of Yelm, Washington, will show their Icelandic horses in the horse arena in the low building next to the Midsummer Pole. Icelandic horses are a pure breed that developed in Iceland. The horses are mostly pony-sized but are still called horses. They are short backed and can carry a two-hundred-and-twenty-five-pound man. They are long-lived and hardy and have unusual gaits. Jackie and Larry will provide demonstrations of these attractive animals and let you see them up close. The Taylor family will be close by for questions in the horse arena.


Saturday, June 17
8:30am - 10am - Exhibit Hall Stage
12:00pm - Midsummer Pole

Sunday, June 18
8am - 8:45am - Exhibit Hall Stage
9am - 9:45am - Exhibit Hall Stage

The Polka Dots

The Polka Dots formed in the Fall of 2018 at the suggestion of Astoria’s veteran accordionist Coreen Bergholm to provide live traditional music for the Fort George Benefit Night for Nordic Heritage Park. This North Coast combo whose members are all of Scandinavian heritage has special enthusiasm for Northern European dance music. Members include Nancy Word and Ruby McCord on accordion and Noel Rydbom on string bass. They will perform during breakfast in the exhibit hall on Saturday and Sunday and for dancing around the Midsummer Pole on Saturday around 12 noon.

Saturday, June 17
11:30am - Walking Parade to Midsummer Pole
12:15pm - Midsummer Pole with The Polka Dots
1:15pm - 1:45 - Exhibit Hall Stage

VASA Youth Group Swedish Dancers

The VASA Youth Group Swedish Dancers come from Portland and will perform at the festival on Saturday only. This group is led by Christine Smith. Catch them leading the dancing around the Midsummer Pole and performing in the exhibit hall.

Saturday, June 17
10am - 6pm - Outdoor Encampment
1pm - Viking Demonstration #1
2pm - Viking Demonstration #2
3pm - Viking Demonstration #3

Sunday, June 18
10am - 6pm - Outdoor Encampment
12pm - Viking Demonstration #4
1pm - Viking Demonstration #5

Viking Encampment

The Empire of Chivalry and Steel

The EMPIRE OF CHIVALRY AND STEEL specializes in the recreation of the culture of the Middle Ages, including the art forms, events (feasts, tournaments, ceremonies and wars), and combat arts from that period. The purpose of this nonprofit educational corporation is to study (and teach the general public) ideals and history from 800 AD to 1650 AD within the geographical boundaries of Europe and to provide an organized effort in the collection, interpretations and distribution of historical data through publication and demonstration.  Empire of Chivalry and Steel participants will open their Viking Encampment to the public on Saturday and Sunday and provide demonstrations of Viking sword fighting and amour making on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


Nordic Folk Dancers

Sheila, Ken, Karen, and Bob

Sheila and Ken from Ballard WA and Karen and Bob from Idaho have been attending the Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival for the last decade and love to dance to the authentic live music at the festival. These dancers wear authentic Nordic folk wear and would love to tell you about it. Watch them dance all three days of the festival, June 16, 17, and 18.