2022 Scandinavian Court

2022 Senior Court

2022 Junior Court & Crown Bearer

Miss Finland, Olivia, was crowned Miss Scandinavia in June 2022. Miss Norway Raelee was runner-up and will serve as Lucia Bride in November 2022.

Miss Finland 2022 / Miss Scandinavia 2022


Olivia is a junior at Seaside High School. Olivia is sponsored by the Finnish Brotherhood and was Junior Miss Finland in 2013. Her mother was born in Finland and speaks Finnish. Olivia visited Finland in 2016 and saw her mummu’s house, met cousins, and enjoyed the long days of light and warm ocean waters of a Nordic summer. Olivia is in 4-H and a member of a gun and trap shooting club in Knappa.


Miss Norway 2022 / Sankta Lucia Bride 2022


Raelee is a junior at Astoria High School and sponsored by the Sons of Norway Nidaros Lodge #16. She was Junior Miss Norway in 2014 and danced for a time with Nordic Viking Dancers. Raelee’s Scandinavian heritage comes from her father’s side and she has both Norwegian and Finnish ancestry. Raelee has been influenced by Scandinavian foods and hopes to attend business school and plans to open a bakery shop.


Miss Denmark 2022


Ava is a junior at Astoria High School sponsored by the Lower Columbia Danish Society. She has attended the Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival since she was a baby, was Junior Miss Denmark in 2012, and danced with the Nordic Viking Dancers for five years. Her Danish ancestry comes through her mother and grandmother’s side of the family and she plans to be an ultrasound technician.


Miss Sweden 2022


Kaylee is a junior at Astoria High School. Kaylee is sponsored by the VASA Swedish Lodge #215 and was Junior Miss Denmark in 2014. She has participated in all festivals since she was a child and looks forward to participating in the festival activities again from a different point of view and to dancing the Schottische with her grandmother at the Queen’s Ball. Kaylee claims Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish ancestry on her mother’s side of the family. She plans to attend college for agricultural business.


Senior Court Chaperone 2022

Abbie Johnson

Abbie Johnson is a nurse at Columbia Memorial Hospital and Providence Seaside Hospital. She was Junior Miss Norway in 2003 and Senior Miss Norway and Miss Scandinavia in 2014. Abbie looks forward to assisting the 2022 court learn the countless traditions of the Midsummer Festival. Abbie’s ancestry is Norwegian and like her parents and grandparents, she is a regular volunteer with the Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival.

2022 Scandinavian Junior Court

Junior Miss Denmark 2022


Anneliisa lives in Hillsboro and is sponsored by the Lower Columbia Danish Society. She loves doing the chicken dance, eating red cabbage and lefse, and walking with Danes in the Optog. Her father Daniel was born in Denmark to a Swedish mother and a Norwegian father. Her mother Kristin was Junior Miss Denmark, Senior Miss Denmark and Miss Scandinavia. Anneliisa has visited her grandparents in Denmark. Her Norwegian last name means "Farm of the West."


Junior Miss Finland 2022


Ila is a student at Lewis and Clark Elementary and will attend the Midsummer Festival for the first time in 2022. She is sponsored by the Finnish Brotherhood Lodge and hopes to learn more about her Finnish and Norwegian ancestry by being on the court.


Junior Miss Norway 2022


Ellen lives in Brownsmead and attends Hilda Lahti Elementary. She is sponsored by the Sons of Norway Lodge in Gearhart. Her mother Amanda was involved in previous festivals as Junior Miss Norway, Senior Miss Norway, Miss Scandinavia, court chaperone, and festival volunteer.


Junior Miss Sweden 2022


Ella attends Astor Elementary and is sponsored by the VASA Swedish Lodge. Her mother Chealsea was Senior Miss Sweden and Miss Scandinavia in 2005 and her aunt Emily held the same titles after her. Ella’s Swedish and Norwegian ancestry comes to her from her mother’s side of the family.


Crown Bearer 2022


Corbin attends Lewis & Clark Elementary and has Danish ancestry on his father’s side of the family. He danced with the Nordic Dancers in 2019 and has attended many festivals.


Junior Court Chaperone 2022

Jennifer Canessa

Jennifer Canessa is a graduate of Naselle High School who is self-employed as a property manager. Her family is Finnish and has participated in the Finnish-American Folk Festival since its inception. Canessa has three children and is a board member of the Oregon Coast Invitational Golf Tournament at the Astoria Golf and Country Club. She was born at Columbia Memorial Hospital at the exact moment that the marching band was passing on its way to the Midsummer Festival at its earlier location at the downtown fairgrounds.