The Scandinavian Midsummer Festival Court consists of Miss Scandinavia, junior and senior princesses sponsored by the Danish Society, Finnish Brotherhood, Sons of Norway and VASA Swedish Lodge, chaperones, and a crown bearer.

Miss Norway / Miss Scandinavia 2014

Abbie Lynne Johnson

Abbie Lynne Johnson's parents are Bob and Tara Johnson; sister is Helen Johnson; Grandparents are Loran & Corleen Mathews and Bill & Karin Johnson.

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Miss Sweden / Santa Lucia Bride 2014

Megan Davis

Megan Davis' parents are Chris and Jeni Davis, brother is Olin Davis; Grandparents are Jim & Ginger Davis; and Ron & Alice Marr.

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Miss Finland 2014

Kaylee Nyberg

Kaylee Nyberg's parents are Lisa & Willie Nyberg, sister is Brittany Nyberg; Grandparents are Charolotte and Willard Nyberg, and Sharon Tuveng & the late Eugene Tuveng.

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Miss Denmark 2014

Mikayla Fisher

Mikayla Fisher's parents are Chris and Jeni Davis, brother is Olin Davis; Grandparents are Jim & Ginger Davis; and Ron & Alice Marr.

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Senior Court Chaperone 2014

Sara Drage

Sara Drage's parents are Laurie and Steve Drage, sister is Irene.

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Junior Miss Sweden 2014


Audrey's parents are Mickey & Angie Cereghino, brother is Ty and sister is Petra; Grandparents are Don & Bonnie Fisher; and Bob & Nancy Cereghino.

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Junior Miss Finland 2014

Riley Dawn

Riley Dawn's parents are Ryan & Misty Phillips; sister is Kelsey; Grandparents are Mike & the late Aini Phillips; and the late George & Carolyn Severson; Nana is Faith Swanson.

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Junior Miss Denmark 2014

Kaylee June

Kaylee June's parents are Tom and Emily Falleur, sister is Maggie; Grandparents are Don & Bonnie Fisher and Don & Helen Falleur.

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Junior Miss Norway 2014

Faith Kirsten

Faith Kirsten's parents are Thor & Kirsten Norgaard, brother is Tristan; Grandparents are Hans Olsen and Sandi Norgaard.

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Crown Bearer 2014


Dylan's parents are Karen & Darren Carlson, sisters are Courtney, Danielle and Emilee, and brothers are Darren, Jr, and Dustyn. Grandparents are Laurel Carlson and the late Richard Carlson; and Sandra Morrison and the late Glen Morrison.

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Junior Court Chaperone 2014

Karen Carlson

Karen Carlson's husband is Darren Carlson. She is the mother of this year's crown bearer.

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